An Overview

In war or in peace, the lawyer has a role to play - both alongside the political decision-maker and the business enterprise.

An armed conflict, just as any other similar circumstance, requires an extremely pragmatic approach to the legal analysis.

Strictness, firmness and realism obtain better results than a ethonocentric blindness operating under the guise of reforming international life.

This type of dogmatic failing tends to perpetuate aggressive regional conflicts.

One must, first and foremost, get an overview to then be able to target the case more precisely.


You First

The practice assists clients with their strategic and operational approach. The main thrust of its activities is :

  • in the field of armed conflicts and their indirect actions (embargoes, boycotts, raids,etc.),
  • in life situations and the development of commercial enterprises.

All interventions are carried out with the utmost discretion.

As far as possible, all fees are fixed. The criteria for fees charging are clear and specified from the start.





The practice is mobile. This means that it can intercede on behalf of the political authority or the enterprise ; in whichever country the case to be settled arises.

Based in Brussels, it has representatives in the Near and Far East as well as in sub-Saharan Africa and, naturally,  in Europe from the Atlantic coast to the Urals.



The practice handles matters of litigation in such a way as to enable company directors to continue with the business of running and expanding their business. Negotiations is the preferred route where it can accelerate a favourable outcome.

The success of your projects is our priority. An efficient approach, an enterprising spirit always alert to the various global issues that our clients may face are what underpins our work.